Yachts impress with their ‘new retro’ style in 2022

Fulya Mengen, the founder of Mengen Design, announced the decoration trends of yachts in 2022.

Fulya Mengen, the founder of Mengen Design, which carries out interior and exterior design activities for yachts in the maritime field, states that the “new retro” trend will dominate in yacht design in 2022.

When sustainability will be at the forefront in 2022, the return to nostalgia that started in fashion will also show itself in interior designs. The traces of nature will be felt in decoration in every area where the return to nature will dominate. Functionality and comfort are also considered in the interiors with traces of natural colors.

Mengen made statements about interior decoration trends in yachts in the first days of 2022. Fulya Mengen said, “For those who do not give up on classical lines on yachts where we reflect modern living spaces, a retro trend will be seen in 2022. This trend, which will carry the traces of the 70s, will feature modern geometric patterns. Creating a spacious living space in the new Retro-style yachts with the rule of three colors will allow you to relax in the summer. For example, it is possible to create a colorful and fun look in interiors where retro lines dominate orange tones, mustard yellow seat covers, and fuchsia-colored throw pillows. White and wood tones will also be the colors we see frequently this year in the new retro style.”

Makes personalized yacht designs

Fulya Mengen, who makes yacht interior and exterior designs under the Mengen Design brand, offers living spaces outside of the ordinary by meeting the perspectives and expectations of the brands she provides consultancy on specially designed yachts. Fulya Mengen defines houses, offices, yachts, in short, all living spaces as “our spiritual shelters where we can find peace as long as we breathe”

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