3 new boat orders from İSTAÇ to Haliç Shipyard

The construction of 3 aluminium boats to be used by İSTAÇ for sea surface cleaning has started at Haliç Shipyard.

Sea surface cleaning vehicles, which will be used by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality for sea cleaning, started the construction of İSTAÇ boats at Haliç Shipyard.

İSTAÇ is constantly strengthening its marine cleaning fleet operating in a sea surface area of approximately 5 million m2. In this context, the construction of 3 new boats has started within the scope of İSTAÇ’s needs.

The construction of İSTAÇ boats has also started at Haliç Shipyard, which started mass production with Sea Taxi.

3 aluminium boats to be used in sea surface cleaning will be delivered in the first quarter of 2022.

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