Sefine’s new LFC is on her way to Norway

The live fish carrier is getting ready to be delivered, built for Norway at Sefine Shipyard.

In March 2022, Sefine Shipyard signed an agreement with Norwegian shipowner Brønnbåt Nord AS to build a live fish carrier. The project is nearing its end, which is planned to be delivered this year.

Built according to DNV Classification rules and powered by a 1000 kWh battery, the ship is equipped with the Cflow handling system, which provides economical, customized quality, and gentle handling for transporting live fish.

The Norwegian-flagged ship, whose interior design belongs to Cita Marine, is 79 meters long, 16 meters wide, and has a capacity of 2800 m3.

Recently, the factory acceptance tests of the ship’s main switchboards were successfully completed by Can Makina Elektrik.

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