Sefine delivers GÅSØ HØVDING to Norway

Sefine Shipyard delivered the well-boat GASØ HØVDING, which it built for the Norwegian company.

Sefine Shipyard delivered the ship NB43 GASØ HØVDING to Norwegian Frøy Rederi Inc., NB43 GASØ HØVDING is the second well-boat built for Frøy Rederi Inc. after Gaso Viking (NB23).

NB43 “GASØ HØVDING”, which launched last January, has the highest capacity among other well-boats in the world with its 7500 CBM live fishing capacity. The design of NB43 GASØ HØVDING, which was delivered to Norwegian Frøy Rederi Inc. by Sefine Shipyard, was designed by More Maritime Inc.

The ship NB43 GASØ HØVDING can weigh and count 1050 tons of fish per hour. Environmentally friendly diesel-electric propulsion and batteries for cutting-edge are used on the ship.

Features of the NB43 GASØ HØVDING

Total Length : 83.72 meters
Beam Molded : 30.90 meters
Design Sketch : 7.95 meters
Capacity : 7500 CBM fishing
Class : Det Norske Veritas
Flag : Flag of Norway
Main Drive Motors : 6 x Yanmar 6EY22ALW 1300 kWe@ 900rpm
Main Drive : 2 x Schottel Rudder Propeller SRP 460 L CP

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