Karpowership energizes Europe

EU countries are planning to overcome the energy crisis they experienced due to the Russia-Ukraine crisis with power ships. 

The Russia-Ukraine war, along with the sanctions against Russia, left the European countries alone with the energy crisis. In Europe, governments are resorting to alternatives to get through this winter. In this context, Turkish power ship company Karpowership’s Chief Commercial Officer Zeynep Harezi announced that they will be able to send the first power ship to Europe in a few weeks.

Floating power plants

Noting that they produce electricity from floating power plants in 19 countries in different parts of the world, especially in Africa, Cuba, and Brazil, Karpowership’s Chief Commercial Officer Zeynep Harezi stated that the power ships developed by the Karpowership are purpose-built floating power plants using traditional power generation technology.

“Power ships that can run on liquid fuel or natural gas have all the infrastructure from fuel storage to accommodation. Therefore, it can be commissioned and started to supply the electricity in less than 30 days.”

Noting that European countries are looking to increase their energy supply before the approaching winter season, Harezi stated that they can provide two gigawatts of additional power in less than 30 days for Europe and the United Kingdom, half of what people pay for electricity today.

Renewable energy

Stating that they support renewable developments in countries in her speech, Karpowership’s Chief Commercial Officer Zeynep Harezi said, “We are in full force support of the renewable developments in all these countries. So when we take a 400 MW power ship, we try to invest a minimum of 100 MW in renewables and mostly solar. But unfortunately, renewables cannot act as a base load solution without batteries. So what we hope to achieve is to provide the base load electricity with power ships to provide capacity, dispatchable capacity to the utilities. Because coal and nuclear, even when they are online, cannot be turned on and off. Whereas these power ships have immediate grid response time, they can be turned on and off based on dispatch requirements.

Noting that they serve with Karpowership power ships in 19 countries on all continents except Europe and that they can send the first power ship to Europe in a few weeks, Zeynep Harezi added that the physical and economic life of Karpowership’s power ships is more than 30 years.

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