Hakan Aslıyüksek has been appointed as Giresun Tirebolu Port Authority.

Hakan Aslıyüksek, BAKADER Board Member, who works as an expert in the port presidency in the Pazar district of Rize, was appointed as the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure and the Giresun/Tirebolu Port Authority.

Born in Rize/Pazar in 1980, Hakan Aslıyüksek graduated from Ardeşen Bayırcık Primary School, secondary school in Ardeşen Fatih and Yavuz Selim secondary schools, and high school in Tuzla Technical High School. Graduated from Kocaeli University Karamürsel Maritime Vocational School, Marine Electronics Department (Deck Program), AÖF Business Administration graduate, Aslıyüksek continues his master’s education in Iskenderun Technical University, “Maritime Management”.

Aslıyüksek, who has held various positions on internationally operating commercial ships of various types and tonnages, was appointed as the Istanbul Port Authority of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure in 2011 and started his first duty. Aslıyüksek has the qualifications of 1st Officer and GMDSS General Radio Operator.

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