New general manager for Shipyard Famagusta

M.Gökalp Gündoğdu started to work as the general manager of Shipyard Famagusta in Northern Cyprus.

M. Gökalp Gündoğdu became the General Manager of Shipyard Famagusta Cyprus, the only shipyard in Northern Cyprus. Gündoğdu, who graduated from Yıldız Technical University Naval Engineering Department, started working at Shipyard Famagusta Cyprus after working as the Assistant General Manager at Istanbul Shipyard between 2004 and 2011.

M.Gokalp Gündoğdu, who has a proven track record in the shipbuilding and repair industry, held various positions at Shipyard Famagusta Cyprus and was appointed as the General Manager of Shipyard Famagusta Cyprus as of April 2022.

Shipyard Famagusta Cyprus, the only shipyard of the TRNC, has been operating in Famagusta Port since 1988. In the shipyard, ship docking, aquaplaning, and all kinds of repair and maintenance works of ships at sea, as well as all types of new shipbuilding, are carried out.

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