Gelibolu begins building Conoship cargo ship

Gelibolu Shipyard has started building a next-generation diesel-electric short-sea shipping vessel developed by Conoship International.

The 3,600 tdw general cargo vessel is suited for sea-river operations, designed to be efficient and environmentally friendly with an enlarged propeller in combination with a ConoDuctTail and optimized hull lines. The ship is also ready for wind-assisted propulsion, with space for the placement of Econowind VentiFoils, which would reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by about 10% annually, depending on the sailing route, according to CIP.

Additional elements of the design arrangement facilitate a switch to future fuels. “For example take off the generators and replace them with a methanol power generator set and then put in methanol tanks as well, or take them off completely and put on liquid hydrogen tanks and fuel cells,” said Jan Jaap Nieuwenhuis, Managing Director at Conoship International. “All these redesign possibilities were taken into account from the beginning of the conceptual design process.”

Gelibolu Shipyard, which hosted a steel-cutting ceremony for the newbuild on November 24, expects to deliver the vessel in 2023.

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